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 About DNC:

The Department, established under the President's Secretariat in January, 1990 is now placed under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is charged with the responsibility of implementing the policies formulated by the NNCB. As the designated Nodal Agency of the Government, the DNC is to deal with all aspects relating to drug problem in the country. It has a network of 155 field level offices across the country with its headquarters in Dhaka. The Director General is the head of the Department and he is also the ex-officio Member-Secretary to the National Narcotics Control Board.

The following functions are carried out by Department:

  1. Administration of the laws relating to Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.

  2. Regulation of the production of the sale of liquors and alcoholic preparations including   collection of the duties on this accountant.

  3. Prevention and control of drug trafficking.

  4. Prevention of drug abuse through research, education and training.

  5. Running process for treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse.

  6. Co-ordination of the activities of various departments and NGOs involved in treatment and rehabilitation of drug abuse.

  7. Maintain liaison with similar agencies in other countries and with the concerned international and regional organizations.

  8. To act as the secretariat of the Narcotics Control Board.

STRUCTURE OF THE DNC: [Click for Organizational Structure]

The Department of Narcotics control is the nodal agency for drug control in Bangladesh. It has four functional wings. These are:

1. Administration, Training, Finance and Common Service, 
2. Operation, Traffic and Intelligence, 
3. Preventive Education, Research and Publication, and 
4. Treatment and Rehabilitation.

The DNC has 6 zonal offices, 6 zonal intelligence offices, 64 District offices, 101 circle offices, 2 Land port, 2 Sea port, 1 Airport, 1 Chemical Laboratory, 6 Treatment Center, 5 Distillery, 1 Briary 13 Ware House throughout the country. It has a total of 1722 sanctioned manpower.

Field Administration of DNC and its Jurisdiction:  [Click for PDF Format File]



(1) Administration, Training, Finance and Common Service:

The principal tasks are:

o Personnel management
o Resource mobilization and resource management
o Budget, financial allocation and financial management
o Training
o Operation and control of the Licensing system
o Revenue collection
o Foreign liaison
o Assessment of the annual requirements of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances under UN Convention
o Drafting new rules and regulations

(2) Operation, Traffic and Intelligence:

The principal tasks of the Operation, Traffic and Intelligence wing of the DNC are:

o Intelligence gathering;
o Conducting Raids;
o Search, seizure, arrest,
o Investigation of drug offences;
o Prosecution of drug offences;
o Inspection, supervision and monitoring the operations of licenses

(3) Preventive Education, Research and Publication: 

•   Community mobilization against abuse and illicit trafficking of drugs
•   Public awareness generation against drugs
•   Dissemination of anti-drug messages
•   Conducting various preventive education programs on drugs
•   Community intervention against drug abuse
•   Conducting campaign against drug abuse and illicit trafficking
•   Policy formulation for prevention and control of drugs
•   Monitoring and evaluation of programs
•   Survey and data collection
•   Research
•   Networking with NGOs and VAs
•   Coordination and monitoring the activities of the NGOs and VAs
•   Publication
•   Preparation and publication of periodical reports
•   Preparing audio-visual programs aand materials for anti-drug campaign

(4) Treatment and Rehabilitation:

•   Treatment and rehabilitation of the drug dependent persons
•   Coordination and monitoring of treatment services provided by the
     NGOs and VAs
•   Policy formulation for treatment and rehabilitation

Name of Treatment Center:

1. Central Drug Addict Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, Tejgaon, Dhaka

250 Bed

2. Central Drug Addict Treatment Center, Chittagong 005 Bed
3. Central Drug Addict Treatment Center, Rajshai 005 Bed
4. Central Drug Addict Treatment Center, Khulna 005 Bed
5. Central Jail Drug Addict Treatment Center, Rajshahi  
6. Central Jail Drug Addict Treatment Center, Jessore  
7. Central Jail Drug Addict Treatment Center, Comilla  

Name of Zonal Office:

  1.   Dhaka Zone
2.   Chittagong Zone
3.   Khulna Zone
4.   Rajshahi Zone

Name of Intelligence Zonal Office:

  1.   Dhaka Intelligence Zone
2.   Chittagong Intelligence Zone
3.   Khulna Intelligence Zone
4.   Rajshahi Intelligence Zone

Name of Regional Office:


Dhaka Zone

  01.   Dhaka Metro Region
02.   Dhaka Region
03.   Mymenshingh Region
04.   Faridpur Region
05.   Tangail Region
06.   Jamalpur Region

Chittagong Zone

  07.   Chittagong Metro Region
08.   Chittagong Region
09.   Sylhet Region
10.   Noakhali Region
11.   Comilla Region
12.   Cox's Bazar Region
13.   Rangamati Region
14.   Khagrachori Region
15.   Bandarbone Region

Khulna Zone

  16.   Khulna Region
17.   Jessore Region
18.   Kushtia Region
19.   Barisal Region
20.   Patuakhali Region

Rajshahi Zone

  21.   Rajshahi Region
22.   Pabna Region
23.   Bogra Region
24.   Rangpur Region
25.   Dinajpur Region

Name of Range:


Name of Zone/Region/Range

Head Office



Dhaka Zone

  Dhaka Metro Region    
  1. Dhaka Metro South Dhaka Kotwali, Sutrapur, Lalbag, Motijheel, Damra, Sabujbag
  2. Dhaka Metro South Dhaka

Ramna, Tejgaon, Gulshan, Uttara, Mirpur, Cantonment, Mohhammadpur

  Dhaka Region    
  3. Dhaka Range Dhaka Dhaka & Narshingdi
  4. Narayanganj Range Narayanganj Narayanganj & Munshiganj
  5. Gazipur Range Gazipur Gazipur & Manikganj
  Mymenshingh Region    
  6. Mymenshing Range Mymenshing Mymenshing (without Gouripur Circle), Netrokona
  7. Kishorganj Range Kishorganj Kishorganj & Gouripur Circle
  Faridpur Region    
  8. Faridpur Range Faridpur Faridpur & Rajbari
  9. Madaripur Range Madaripur Madaripur, Gopalganj & Shariatpur

Chittagong Zone

  Chittagong Metro Region    
  10. Chittagong Metro Chittagong Ctg. Kotwali, Panchlaish, Chandgaon 
  11. Chittagong Metro Chittagong Doublemooring, Pahartali, Bandar
  Chittagong Region    
  12. Chittagong Range Chittagong All District in Chittagong Region  
  Sylhet Region    
  13. Sylhet Range Sylhet Sylhet & Sunamganj
  14. Moulovibazar Range Srimongal Moulobhibazar
  15. Hobiganj Range Hobiganj Habiganj
  Comilla Region    
  16. Comilla Range Comilla All District in Comilla Region

Khulna Zone

  Khulna Region    
  17. Khulna Range Khulna Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat
  Jessore Region    
  18. Jessore Range Jessore Jessore & Narail
  19. Jhenidah Range Jessore Jhenidah &  Magura

Rajshahi Zone

  Rajshahi Region    
  20. Rajshahi Range Rajshahi Rajshahi & Chapainababganj
  21. Naogaon Range Naogaon Natore & Naogaon
  Pabna Region    
  22. Pabna Range Pabna Pabna
  23. Sirajganj Range Sirajganj Sirajganj
  Rangpur Region    
  24. Rangpur Range Rangpur Rangpur & Nilphamari
  25. Kurigram Range Rangpur Kurigram, Gaibandha & Lalmonirhat

Name of Circle


Name of Zone/Region/Range

Head Office Area

Dhaka Zone

  Dhaka Metro Region    
  1. Dhaka Kotwali Dhaka Metro Kotwali 
  2. Sutrapur Circle Dhaka Metro Sutrapur
  3. Lalbug Circle Dhaka Metro Lalbag
  4. Motijheel Circle Dhaka Metro Motijheel
  5. Ramna Circle Dhaka Metro Ramna
  6. Demra Circle Dhaka Metro Demra & Sabujbag
  7. Tejgaon Circle Dhaka Metro Tejgaon
  8. Gulshan Circle Dhaka Metro Gulshan
  9. Mirpur Circle Dhaka Metro Mirpur & Cantonment
  10. Mohammadpur Circle Dhaka Metro Mohammadpur & Dhanmondi
  11. Sabujbug Circle Dhaka Metro Sabujbag & Dhaka (Komlapur) Railway
  12. Khilgaon Circle Dhaka Metro Khilgaon & Badda
  13. Uttra Circle Dhaka Metro Uttara & Cantonment
  14. Dhanmondi Circle Dhaka Metro Dhanamondi & Hazaribag
Dhaka Region
  15. Dhaka Circle Dhaka Region Dhaka
  16. Narayanganj Circle Narayanganj Narayanganj
  17. Munshiganj Circle Munshiganj Munshiganj
  18. Narshingdi Circle Narshingdi Narshingdi
  19. Gazipur Circle Gazipur Gazipur
  20. Manikganj Circle Manikganj Manikganj
  Mymenshingh Region    
  21. Mymenshing Sadar Circle Mymenshing Sadar Mymensing
  22. Muktagacha Circle Muktagacha Muktagacha, Phulbaria, Gaforgaon, Bhaluka, Trishal
  23. Netrakona Circle Netrakona Netrokona
  24. Kishorganj Circle Kishorganj Kishoreganj, Tarail, Hosenpur, Karimganj, Itna
  25. Bhairab Circle Bhairab Bhairab, Kuliarchar, Bazitpur, Kotiadi, Nikli, Oshtrogram
  26. Gaoripur Circle Gaoripur Gouripur, Haluaghat, Phulpur, Ishwarganj, Nandail
  Faridpur Region    
  27. Faridpur Sadar Circle Faridpur Sadar Faridpur
  28. Rajbari Circle Rajbari Rajbari 
  29. Madaripur Circle Madaripur Madaripur, Gopalganj, Shariatpur  
  Tangail Region    
  30. Tangail Circle Tangail Tangail Sadar, Mirjapur, Nagarpur, Delduar, Basail
  31. Gopalpur Circle Gopalpur Gopalpur, Kalihati, Modhupur, Bhuapur & Ghatail
  Jamalpur Region    
  32. Jamalpur Circle Jamalpur Jamalpur
  33. Sherpur Circle Sherpur Sherpur

Chittagong Zone

  Chittagong Metro Region    
  34. Chittagong Kotwali Circle Chittagong Metro Kotowali
  35. Pachlaish Circle Chittagong Metro Panchlaish       
  36. Chandgaon Circle Chittagong Metro Chandgaon
  37. Doublemuring Circle Chittagong Metro Doublemuring
  38. Pahartali Circle Chittagong Metro Pahartali
  39. Bandar Circle Chittagong Metro Bandar
  Chittagong Region    
  40. Potia Circle Potia

Potia, Sathkania, Boalmari, Anowara, Bashkhali, Louho

  41. Hathazari Circle Hathazari Hathazari, Raoujan, Rangunia
  42. Shitakundu Circle Sitakundu Sitakundu, MirerSarai, Swandip
  Sylhet Region    
  43. Sylhet East Circle Sylhet Sadar Sylhet Sadar, Gopalganj, Bianibazar, Jakiganj, Kanaighat
  44. Sylhet West Circle Sylhet Sadar

Jaintapur, Kanaighat, Companyganj, Balaganj, Bishwanath, Fenchuganj

  45. Kulaura Circle Kulaura Kulaura, Barolekha
  46. Sunamgaj Circle Sunamgaj Sunamgaj
  47. Maolovibazar Circle Maolovibazar Maolovibazar, Komlaganj, Rajnagar
  48. Srimangal 'Ka' Circle Srimangal Srimangal, Kalapur, Amrailchara, Bhuban nabir
  49. Srimangal 'Kha' Circle Srimangal Kolighat, Rojghat, Sindhurkhan, Mirjapur, Aashidron
  50. Habiganj Circle Habiganj Habiganj Sadar, Nabiganj, Baniachong, Ajmeriganj, Lakhai
  51. Chunarughat Circle Chunarughat Chunarughat, Bahubal, Madhobpur
  Noakhali Region    
  52. Noakhali Sadar Circle Noakhali Noakhali
  53. Feni Circle Feni Feni
  54. Lakhsmipur Circle Lakhsmipur Lakhsmipur
  Comilla Region    
  55. Comilla North Circle Comilla Sadar Doudkhandi, Homna, Muraadnagar, Debidar, Chandina, Burichong
  56. Comilla South Circle Comilla Sadar Kotwali, Langolkot, Choddogram, Barura, Laksam
  57. Brahammanbaria Circle Brahammanbaria Brahammanbaria
  58. Chandpur Circle Chandpur Chandpur
  Cox's Bazar Region    
  59. Cox's Bazar Circle Cox’s Bazar Cox’s Bazar, Moheshkhali, Kutubdia
  60. Ramu Circle Ramu Bazar Ramu, Chokoria, Tekhnaf
  Rangamati Region    
  61. Rangamati Circle Rangamati Rangamati
  Khagrachory Region    
  62. Khagrachori Circle Khagrachori Khagrachori
  Bandarbon Region    
  63. Bandarbon Circle Bandarbon Bandarbon  

Khulna Zone

  Khulna Region    
  64. Khulna South Circle Khulna Sadar

Khulna Sadar, Rupsha, Sonavanga, Botiaghata, Paikgacha, Koira, Dapok

  65. Khulna North Circle Khulna Sadar

Doulatpur, Khalishpur, Phultala, Terkhada, Dighalia, Dumuria

  66. Satkhira Circle Satkhira Satkhira
  67. Bagerhat Circle Bagerhat Bagerhat
  68. Mongla Circle Mongla Mongla, Rampal, Fakirhat
  69. Kaliganj Circle Kaliganj Kaliganj, Devhata, Shayamnagar
  Jessore Region    
  70. Jessore Sadar Circle Jessore Sadar

Jessore Sadar, Avaynagar, Bagharpara, Keshobpur, Monirampur

71. Benapol Circle Jessore Sadar Sharsha, Jhikorghacha, Chougacha
  72. Narail Circle Narail Narail
  73. Magura Circle Magura Magura
  74. Jhenidah Circle Jhenidah Jhenidah
  Kushtia Region    
  75. Kushtia Circle Kushtia Kushtia
  76. Chuadanga Circle Chuadanga Chuadanga
  77. Meherpur Circle Meherpur Meherpur
  Barisal Region    
  78. Barisal Circle Barisa Barisal Sadar, Bakerganj, Babuganj, Mehendiganj
  79. Gournodi Circle Barisal Gouronodi, Ujirpur, Muladi, Hijla, Agailjhara
  80. Jhalkathi Circle Jhalkathi Jhalkathi
  81. Perojpur Circle Perojpur Perojpur
  82. Bhola Circle Bhola Bhola
  Patuakhali Region    
  83. Patuakhali Sadar Circle Patuakhali Sadar Patuakhali
  84. Borgona Circle Borgona Borgona

Rajshahi Zone

  Rajshahi Region    
  85. Rajshahi Sadar 'A' Circle   Rajshahi Sadar  Poba, Godagari, Boalia, Bhanor
  86. Rajshahi Sadar 'B' Circle   Rajshahi Sadar Mohonpur, Charghat, Bhaga
  87. Chapainababganj Circle Chapainababganj Chapainababganj & Shibganj
  88. Gomastapur Circle Gomastapur Gomastapur, Bholahat, Nachol
  89. Nator Circle Nator Nator Sadar, Boraigram, Gurudaspur, Singra, Bagatipara
  90. Puthia Circle Puthia Puthia, Durgapur, Bagmara, Lalpur
  91. Naogaon Circle Naogaon Naogaon, Raninagar, Atrai, Badalgachi, Akkelpur
  92. Mohadebpur Circle Mohadebpur

Mohadebpur, Manda, Niamatpur, Potnitala, Porsa, Sapahar, Dhamuirhat

  Pabna Region    
  93. Pabna Sadar Circle Pabna Sadar Pabna Sadar, Sujanagar, Sathia, Bera
  94. Iswardi Circle Iswardi Sadar, Chatmohor, Aatgharia, Bhangura, Banwarinagar, Faridpur
  95. Sirajganj Circle Sirajganj

Sirajganj Sadar, Tarash, Kamarkhand, Raiganj, Kazipur

  96. Shahajadpur Circle Shahajadpur Shahajadpur, Ullapara, Belkuchi, Chouhali
  Bogra Region  

  97. Bogra Sadar Circle

Bogra Sadar Bogra Sadar, Sherpur, Dhunot, Sariakandi, Gabtoli, Sonatala
  98. Santahar Circle Santahar Adamdhighi, Dhupchachia, Kohalu, Shibganj
  99. Joypurhat Circle Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar, Panchbibi, Akkelpur, Khetlal, Kalai
  Rangpur Region    
  100. Rangpur North Circle Rangpur Rangpur Sadar, Badarganj, Taraganj, Ganga Chara
  101. Rangpur South Circle Rangpur Mithapukur, Pirganj, Pirgacha, Kaunia
  102. Sayedpur Circle Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar, Sayedpur, Domar, Kishoreganj, Dimla
  103. Kurigram Circle Kurigram Kurigram
  104. Gaibandha Circle Gaibandha Gaibandha
  105. Lalmonirhat Circle Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat
  Dinajpur Region    
  106. Dinajpur Sadar Circle Dinajpur Sadar

DinajpurSadar, Birganj, Khansama, ChirirBandar, Kaharol, Sitabganj, Birol

  107. Parbotipur Circle Parbotipur Parbotipur, Phulbari, Birampur, Bangla hilli
  108. Thakurgaon Circle Thakurgaon Thakurgaon & Panchagar

Name of Warehouse

  1.  Dhaka Warehouse
2.  Mymensingh Warehouse
3.  Faridpur Warehouse
4.  Chittagong Warehouse
5.  Srimongal Warehouse
6.  Comilla Warehouse
7.  Shantahar Warehouse
8.  Parbotipur Warehouse
9.  Pabna Warehouse
10. Khulna Warehouse
11. Jessore Warehouse
12. Kushtia Warehouse
13. Barisal Warehouse

Name of Distillary

  1.  Carew and Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd.
2.  Jamuna Distillary
3.  Rangpur Distillary
4.  Asian Distillary



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